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Manolis Raw Almonds (CSSR) are the perfect snack for almond lovers. These almonds are carefully sourced from California, known for their top-quality almond production, and then packaged to retain their natural oils and nutrients. With their sweet and nutty flavour, they can be enjoyed on their own as a healthy snack, or used as a key ingredient in baking and cooking.

Almonds Raw (Cssr) 1kg


    • Great source of vitamin E, dietary fibre, magnesium, copper, calcium, and potassium
    • A seed that contains 15 essential nutrients
    • High in protein (6g/30g serving), fibre (3.7g/30g serving), calcium (79mg/30g serving), vitamin E (7.9mg/30g serving), riboflavin (0.3mg/30g serving), and niacin (1mg/30g serving)
    • High in alpha-tocopherol vitamin E, which helps neutralize damaging free radicals
    • High in magnesium (21%RDA/30g serving), potassium (10% RDA/30g serving), and phosphorus (21% RDA/30g serving)
    • Source of iron (8% RDA/30g serving)
    • Excellent source of protein, fibre, and folic acid
    • Helps lower blood LDL levels and elevate the level of Vitamin E in the body
    • Good for healthy cell development and prevention of cancer
    • Linked to lower risk of coronary artery disease
    • Boost antioxidant properties when consumed with the skin on


    • Can be added to plain yoghurt, curried vegetables, breakfast shakes, chicken salad, and more
    • Whole food, with skin on, is recommended for maximum nutritional value


    • Avoid blanching almonds to keep the skin for maximum nutritional value
    • Suggestions for use: mix with chopped almonds and dried fruit, add to breakfast shake, add to chicken salad, etc


    Allergens: Almonds
    Ingredients: Almonds (Cssr 27/30)
    Origin: USA (California)
    Grade: Cssr Almond is slightly darker with chip marks, but not an inferior product
    Warning: Wild almonds are bitter and toxic, do not consume them


    • Almond (Amygdalus communis L.) is an ancient crop of southwest Asia
    • The sweet type is domesticated, while wild almonds are bitter and toxic


    • U.S. NO. 1 (NPS): Supreme, often used for whole almond or further processing (blanching, roasting)
    • U.S. SELECT SHELLER RUN (CSSR): Mid-quality, good for incorporation with other ingredients or further processing
    • U.S. STANDARD SHELLER RUN (SSR or CSSR): Good for further processing, but has a higher level of split and broken kernels

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