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Entourage oil is a whole cannabis sativa plant extraction for optimum entourage effect. Balanced by nature, the oil content includes solvent dilutions of cannabinoids and terpenes found naturally in outdoor grown High Grade Cannabis Sativa.

Entourage Oil 30ml – 600 drop micro doses,
Total Content approx 1.5 grams of raw plant material

Entourage Oil 30ml

  • Entourage Oil uses super healthy EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL as our solvent and use a proprietary duel extraction method. Our current oil is a 50 / 50 % mix of two extraction processes.

    During each extraction we use different heat and durations. This is to ensure that we extract specific cannabinoids and terpene (essential oil) concentrations. And this is all done according to scientific processes.  If you must know, these two extractions are then blended together for our users. Which makes it a friendly product to use and delivers the best wellness results.

    It you were wondering how to take Entourage Oil – well – you’re in luck!

    First thing to know is that ​the oil should be taken under the tongue. Then don’t expect it to kick in right away, you will need to wait between and an hour and an hour and a half before feeling the relaxing effect.

    You can also just swallow the oil on the tongue, but you’ll need to expect that some of the potency will be lost through the stomach and liver, as it makes its way through the endocannabinoid system that is active throughout the body.

    If you were wondering, yes this is a whole plant extract, as the team at Entourage Oil believes that all the cannbinoids need to do their thing.

    As they want it to:

    • Affect multiple targets throughout the systems in your body
    • Also, improve the absorption of all active ingredients into the body
    • Have the CBD overcome bacterial defence mechanisms
    • As well as, minimise adverse side effects

    And most importantly – Less is more!
    Imagine that taking Entourage Oil is like making instant coffee – too much coffee can result in a cup that is too strong – so the benefit of the coffee experience is no longer enjoyable. Finding the right amount that works for each individual is a personal experience. 

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