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NutriTech® Hulk Gainer is a high-calorie weight gain supplement designed to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts bulk up and build muscle mass. With a blend of fast and slow-digesting proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats, Hulk Gainer provides the nutrients your body needs to support muscle growth and recovery.



    • Anabolic hardgainer formula to build muscle and strength.
    • PROVEN PROTEIN™ formula of fast, medium and slow-digesting proteins, protein synthesis and muscle protein retention levels remain elevated for longer.
    • SUPERCARB™ carbohydrate matrix reloads glycogen stores and helps muscles recover faster.
    • CREATECH™ Anabolic Stack adds Creatine, Glycine and Boron to promote muscle growth and natural testosterone production.
    • As a meal replacement, take either 1 scoop (275 calories) or 2 scoops (550 calories).
    • Trusted by hardgainers and professional athletes.

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