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Thermotech® BURN QUENCHER is a refreshing, hydrating drink that helps to boost your metabolism and burn fat, making it the perfect addition to any weight loss or fitness regime. With a delicious tropical flavor and zero sugar, this drink is a guilt-free way to enhance your workout and achieve your fitness goals.


  • NUTRITECH® THERMOTECH™ BURN QUENCHER is a complete thermogenic body sculpting and toning agent. The advanced BURN QUENCHER formula is engineered with the unique 875mg ThermoFuel blend of 5 scientifically dosed key ingredients, including Ashwagandha Root, Glucuronolactone, L-Tyrosine and a powerful 250mg shot of Caffeine. Designed to promote significant weight loss results and when taken as directed, the BURN QUENCHER formula delivers 4.5g of AminoFuel hydration support, making it ideal for use as a thermogenic pre-workout, with lightly sweetened and refreshing flavors; guaranteed thirst quenching and easy drinking.

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